Dejan Milenkovic

dr Dejan Milenkovic – ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER

Dr Dejan Milenkovic is key national legal and public policy expert, analyst, lecturer and researcher focused on issues of human rights including public administration reform, media legislation and policies, personal data protection regulations, anti-discrimination reforms, good governance and the ombudsman acts as well as bussines and enviromental laws.

Dr Milenković is senior lecturer – assistant professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, lecturing mainly in the areas of public administration, media policies and law, internet and freedom of expresion and enviromental law. His teaching engagements additionally include lecturing environmental and business laws and regulations at the Belgrade’s College of Polytechnics. 

As legal expert, dr Milenković participated in establishment and development of national independent bodies—Ombudsman, Commissioner for Access to Information and Data Protection, Anti-corruption Agency, Commissioner for Equality and National Broadcasting Agency. Since 2002 to date, he was engaged by numerous national and international not-for-profit organizations (OSCE, UNDP, EC, Open Society Fund, East-West Management Institute, Hulla&Co Human Dynamics, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, YUCOM, European Movement in Serbia, New Policy Center) and governmental and independent bodies (Office of Human and Minority Rights, Commissioner for Access to Information and Data Protection, Ministry of Justice) indrafting laws and policies in the domain of his expertise, researching and authoring studies and comparative analysis. Dejan has fruitful experience in preparing and leading training session in the area of the implementation of the Public Standard Life, the Law on Free Access to Information, Law on Personal Data Protection, Public Information Act, the Ombudsman Act, and on the implementation of the Conscientious Objection within the realm of the engagement in the above organizational settings.

He authored and co-authored more than 20 books and publications, more than 20 articles. Dejan participated at more than 100 international and national conferences, round tables and public debates.

Dr Milenković received his PhD in public administration from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade in 2008. He obtained his LL.M in administrative law in 1999 and B.LL in law in 1995 both from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Dr Milenković is member of the Serbian Lawyers Association, International Article 10 Task Force, Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights - YUCOM, and International FOI Advocates Network.