Miroslav Ružica

dr Miroslav Ružica  -  ADVISORY BOARD MEMBER

Miroslav Ružica is senior expert in comparative social policy, social development, civil society participation, industrial restructuring, infrastructure development and the global crisis issues working within academic institutions and international and national organizations in developed and developing countriesfor more than 30 years.

He possess extensive teaching experience as a professor of social policy at the University of Belgrade and University of Ljubljana while as of 1992 he has been teaching at the University of Indiana where he has also beenengaged as a director of Eastern European Initiative within the Center on Philantropy of the University of Indiana.

Since 1999 to 2006 dr Ružica was engaged by the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia Division as a senior social scientist in eight developing countries working on the issues of social protection and health reforms, mine and industrial restructuring, including infrastructure development and civil society participation.

Dr Ružica is currently engaged as consultant in the World Bank, Heinrich Boel Foundation and several other national and international organizations. In addition to this he actively lectures and researches in the main areas of his expertise.

Dr Ružica published several books, more than 50 articles and participated in numerous international conferences and projects.

MiroslavRužica received his PhD in sociology from the University of Belgrade in 1985.