Sonja Lundin

Sonja Lundin is a multimedia artist currently enrolled in her 6th semester of an undergraduate degree in Fine Art with focus on printmaking at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She has experience exhibiting in solo and group exhibitions in mediums ranging from sculpture installations to painting and printmaking. Aside from her studies Sonja has been working as a Swedish teacher for international children with Swedish backgrounds at the Swedish School Association in Belgrade since August 2019.
Simultaneously for the past half year, Ms.Lundin has been working as an intern for the Public Policy Research Center, a non-government organization that takes part in discussions on the digitalization of Belgrade as well as other current social issues that go with policy making. Her main duties at the CENTER include creating a visual identity for the organization as well as running their social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). Ms. Lundin has had previous experience involved with running social media for various associations as well as for her own art business. Her education in art makes her an ideal aid in the field of visuals and aesthetics.