Srđan Korać

Srđan Korać joined the Public Policy Research Centre in 2017. Korać is Research Fellow at the Institute of International Politics and Economics (IIPE), Belgrade, where his main areas of academic interest include international security, ethics in international relations, the political system of the European Union, and Serbiaʼs accession to the EU. His research has been focused for a decade and more on anti-corruption and anti-organised crime methodology and policy, and the ethical dimension of the public administration reform in Serbia. He is the Deputy Editor of IIPEʼs journal International Problems, and a member of Editorial Board of two academic periodicals – Administracija i javne politike (published by Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade), and Human Security (Faculty of Security Studies, University of Belgrade).

In 2010–2011, Korać participated in the research project “Environment and Security in the Western Balkans: Risks and Opportunities through Co-operation”, conducted by the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki. Korać was researcher in the Centre for Security Studies in the field of anti-corruption and anti-organised crime methodology and policy (2002–2013), where he was the Executive Editor of The Security Review (2007–2012), an academic journal dedicated to the soft security issues, as well as the Deputy Editor of The Pulse (2002–2006), a journal on corruption. He contributed three chapters to the first handbook on corruption published in Serbian – Korupcija (2005); he coedited the collection of papers Corruption and Development of the Modern Serbian State (2006, in Serbian).

Srđan holds his PhD in Public Administration Ethics at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, where he had earned his MA degree in European Studies, and had graduated from the Department of International Relations. He completed specialisation in Peace Studies, a 1-year undergraduate programme in resolving conflicts and negotiation organised by Group “Bridge” and Anti-War Action Center (now Center for Peace and Democracy, Belgrade).


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