Tanja Jakobi


Ms. Tanja Jakobi, executive director. She has joined the CENTRE in autumn 2010 as a communication specialist and researcher focused on discourse, discrimination and social issues. Since 2015, she assumed the role of project manager. From October 2016. she served as the ad interim director of the CENTRE. Since March 2017. she serves as the executive director of the CENTRE.

She is the member of several working groups within the National Convention on the European Union (NCEU) and follows ERP and ESRP for the CENTRE.

Jakobi is currently working on the following CENTRE’s project: Addressing Firearms Misuse and its Impact on Gender-based Violence through Civic Action and Policy Advocacy (2016/2017), "Documenting new experiences of “Otherness” and advocating for successful integration of Roma migrants through better education/employment policies“ (2016/2017), Local Security and Role of MPs, (2017.)

She was involved in the following CENTRE’s projects: How does Security Sector Reform Affect Human Security in Serbia? Reassessing the impact on LGBT.Security issues within Serbian 2016 election campaign (2016), Towards efficient budget policies on local level  - budget line 481 donation to NGOs (2015), Youth’s Local Security Issues and Democratic Control of Security Sector (2015), Inclusion of Roma Women and Men in Security Sector: Towards Greater Enrolment to Basic Police Training (2015), Roma women and men and security sector reform in the Republic of Serbia (2014), Mapping non-discrimination discourse in military education in the Republic of Serbia (2012/13).

Ms. Jakobi has 28+ years of experience in journalism, as a reporter, editor and editor in chief in major Serbian media and has been working as a journalism trainer and correspondent for foreign media, such are the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Institutional Investor. She worked as a researcher for the first long documentary by the national TV B92, “Serbia in a Container” and serial “Who Killed Ante Marković” dedicated to the failures of the reforms in the former Yugoslavia and Serbia. She often appears in Serbian and foreign media as interlocutor and analyst. She is the editor in Weekly Economic Bulletin since 1996.

Since early 2000, she has been working as an economic and communication consultant in various fields from ecology to the reform of the judiciary and human rights which were financed by the UNDP, the European Commission atc. She also worked on communication strategies and CSR strategies for other clients in the state and private sector.

She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, the Department of Philosophy, and obtained her master degree from the Baruch College in New York in the field of economic journalism and public finances. She was awarded the American state Ron Brown Fellowship and was one of the first scholars of The Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) NGO founded by economist and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz.

In 2016, Jakobi successfully concluded online training on “Doing Policy Relevant Research” for senior researchers within the Organizational development grant from the Think Tank Fund. 

Selected works: