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Boban Stojanovic, a LGBT Activist Attacked

Boban Stojanovic, a LGBT activist and one of the organizers of the Belgrade Pride, got attacked on Monday, August 22 in dowtown Belgade. The case was reported to the police which has started the investigation.  

While he was talking on the phone, one of two perpetrators verbally harrased and then phisically injured Mr. Stojanovic. He manage to step back of the perpertrators  while they kept offending him based on his sexual orientation. 

Mr. Stojanovic said he felt angry and scared as after every attack, but at the same time he felt obliged to stand up and speak up about the violence. "We have got used to live in everyday fear, to ignore violence, and to tolerate discrimination. The perpetrators who attacked me can attack others due to any other reason. All the members of the LGBT community know pretty well that phisical injury passes but the hate in the eyes of perpetrators who bully and beat us remains in our memory for a long time. It is the reason we feel insecure," said Mr. Stojanovic.

According to the data of Da se zna, this is the fifth attack on LGBT people in this year. However, perpetrators have not been prosecuted yet. In the second CENTRE's poll, about half of the respondents agreed that the police should take additional measures to protect the LGBT community in Serbia. 

Source: Tanjug, Photo Credit: