Project: Monitoring Serbia’s OSCE Chairmanship

OSCE Mission to Serbia promotes results of opinion poll on citizens’ perception of the police service

A public survey commissioned by the OSCE Mission to Serbia and the Interior Ministry, on the perception of the police service over the past year indicates that issues such as drug addiction, corruption and organized crime, amongst others, are being perceived by the public as priorities for the police work at the national level.

The survey, held for a seventh consecutive year, was conducted in November 2014 and based on a sample of approximately 1,500 citizens throughout Serbia. It touched upon issues which citizens perceive as the main safety concerns and those related to personal security, attitudes and perceptions of police as well as awareness and understanding of police reform.

“Public opinion surveys are an excellent tool to learn about citizens’ concerns and their perception of the police service,” said the Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, Ambassador Peter Burkhard. “From this survey clear recommendations emerge to improve the work of police and their relations with citizens.”

Areas for improvement identified in the survey are related to vandalism, juvenile delinquency, petty crime, sports hooliganism and peer violence, as well as drug addiction and drug trafficking. Meanwhile an increased tolerance toward vulnerable groups is noted.

These results can be used not only to guide the Ministry of Interior strategic planning processes, but also to support police reform, highlight public concerns and help promote and improve policing practices and responsiveness.