Darko Stalevski

A versatile and dynamic 20 years of professional experience, wherein 12 years in IT management positions, and 8 years as a senior project manager implementing wide range of projects (infrastructure, economic development, environment protection and disaster management), both for corporate sector and international institutions. Led multinational teams of up to 65 personnel, and managed projects with budgets up to 2 million euros. Experienced in start-up operations, establishing project offices, conducting recruitment and training of personnel, managing procurement, developing client relationships and establishing strategic partnerships.

Experienced negotiator and mediator, often facilitating dialog between client and company, and coordinating work of large group of high level stakeholders including representatives of World Bank, European Investment Bank, Council of Europe, EU Delegation and United Nations. Proactive and creative with strong leadership skills and ability for strategic planning, anticipating risks and balancing priorities. Degree in IT engineering and organizational consulting. Multilingual: English, French, Macedonian, Serbian and basic Hungarian

Darko also has a proven track record in developing and delivering custom made training programs for international organizations, corporations and local self governments in following fields:
• Project identification, prioritization, and selection;
• Financial sustainability and viability of long term projects;
• Project implementation;
• Monitoring and evaluation;
• Development of corporate social responsibility programs;
• Creating private-public partnerships;
• Information technologies as tools for project management;
Apart from being involved in project implementation, Darko also participated in writing of more than 30 project, studies and policy papers.