Towards efficient policies on local level - budget line 481 for NGOs

A pilot project "Towards efficient budget policies on local level  - budget line 481 donation to NGOs", by Public Policy Research Centre and Centre for Development of Non-Profit Sector (CRNPS) in three municipalities - Pirot, Kraljevo and Sombor - aims to initiate the dialogue between stakeholders in the process of appropriation from the budget line 481 for NGOs, analyze the situation on the ground, and based on findings, give suggestions to improve its transparency. 

The project is supported by Balkan Civil Society Development Network (BCSDN).

The CRNPS have been monitoring and analysing spending of the 481 budget line intended for NGOs for years, and made public an online base of the projects supported from that line on the level of Republic and local municipalities.Public Policy Research Centre is focused on the civil society, vulnerable groups often served only by CSOs and the analyses of effects of public policies related to CSOs and vulnerable groups.
In april 2010, CRNPS proposed the Government and the Ministry of Finance to accept the initiatives for more transparent and efficient distribution of donations for CSOs from national and local budgets. The initiative has been signed by 188 CSOs but meanwhile little has changed.
With this new project we intend to reinvigorate the debate about the importance of the transparency of the line 481, give recommendations to legislators, and create public pressure for creation of better cooperation between the government and CSOs within the framework of the Serbia’s accession to EU.  

Announcement of the round table in Pirot. 23.october 2015. 

Report from the round table in Pirot 23.october 2015. Report from the round table on TV Pirot, Radio Pirot and Pi Kanal. 

Announcement of the round table in Kraljevo.29.october 2015.

Report from the round table in Kraljevo. 

Announcement of the round table in Sombor. 3. november 2015.Announcement carried on Radio-televizije Vojvodine, &, &  

Report from the round table in Sombor. Report of local media website about our round table.
Announcement of the final conference in Kuca ljudskih prava. 30. november 12 h.
E leaflet & final report. (serb only)