How does Security Sector Reform Affect Human Security in Serbia? Reassessing the impact on LGBT

The Public Policy Research Centre is conducting a research on developments and reforms in the field of policies within the security sector, particularly focuing on the LGBT community as a vulnerable group. The project relies on the CENTRE's dedication to human security and security sector reforms. Also, the project represents a follow-up of the earlier CENTRE's study LGBT and Security Sector Reform in the Republic of Serbia (2011) and a comparative analysis of previous and upcoming results. CENTRE will identify achieved progress in the meantime and the dynamics between of the reforms targeting the LGBT's human security which have been implemented since 2011.

The project aims at increasing public awareness of specific issues aimed at enhancing democratic governance. It will also contribute to developing and strengthening the cooperation between state institutions and civil society in addressing security sector and human security related issues at national and local levels.

The research is grounded in qualitative methods and it will be conducted in five cities in Serbia. The CENTRE's project team consists of Svetlana Djurdjevic-LukicJelena Radoman, Marija Radoman, Jelena Sapicand Tanja Jakobi. The project is supported by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation un Europe (OSCE).

The 2011 study is the first such analysis which explored the security issues within the LGBT community in Serbia concenring their relationship with the police and military. The results are available in English