Project: Targeting weapons - misuse of weapons in Serbia

Public Policy Research Centre on Radio Belgrade Talasanje on the legalization of weapons

Several findings from the Centre's research "Targeting weapons: misuse of firearms in Serbia" were exclusively presented on Radio Belgrade's show "Talasanje" on April 22. Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic, president of the Centre spoke about the causes of firearms proliferation in Serbia, and reasons for vague estimates on illegal weapons ranging from 200,000 to 900,000. She talked about novelties in the Law on Weapons and Ammunition, about her earlier researches on the problems related to firearms in the region and predictions about the success of the current campaign of handing over the illegal weapons and its legalization.

UNDP/SEESAC commissioned the Centre for Public Policy Research to analyse data on SALW related incidents collected via the Targeting Weapons (Oruzje na meti) platform launched by SEESAC in 2012. The analysis is based on 470 entries gathered mainly through news reports. The analysis, as well as the platform, were supported by European Union funds.

Marina Tadic and Tatjana Milic, worked as Centre’s researchers. All findings of the analyses will be presented in mid-May and published by UNDP / SEESAC.

 You may listen Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic on Talasanje on this RTS link. For the show’s announcement, click here.