Project: Youth and Democratic Control of Security Sector

Čačak part of a project on youth security

Public Policy Research Centre has included city of Čačak within the project related to security issues and democratic control of security sector, and supported by OSCE. The research involves pupils in high schools at the age of 18, as well as members of non-governmental organizations.

Marina Tadic, researcher at the Public Policy Research Centre said that at the meeting high school students and NGO activists will talk about their insights about the local security issues, nature of security problems, actors that are involved in solving these problems, or are not participating even if they should.

“Within the project, we are visiting three local communities in Serbia in order to talk with high school students i.e. those young people who would soon acquire voting rights, as well as with local nongovernmental organizations, aiming to find out what are their insights about security issues in their local communities, security problems they are facing, who are the actors participating in solving these problems, or are not participating even if they should. We’re going to organize a workshop with participants, with the aim to transfer them knowledge about the democratic control of the security sector and explain them how they may present their local problems to decision makers in the Parliament, because very often MPs are not well informed/ or are not dealing enough about local issues as much as they should. We chose Čačak, Požarevac and Zrenjanin that have MPs in the Parliament, and those MPs sit in the parliamentary committees for security issues, explains Marina Tadic.
After completion of the research, the Centre will organize a panel discussion and will invite MPs as well as representatives of local communities to present them findings about security issues related to youth aiming to establish a link between the real problems plaguing the population and the high politics - in order to solve the detected problems.


This article has been published at the local portal Ozonpress