Project: Youth and Democratic Control of Security Sector

Youngsters in Zrenjanin concerned about the environmental and economic security

Problems of environmental (water supply and poor quality of water, and pollution) and economic security (a large number of unemployed and companies in bankruptcy) were selected as the most significant security problems among youth in Zrenjanin, during a workshop organized by the Centre for Public Policy Research conducted in this city on 25th of April.

Pupils from local secondary schools and local NGO activists emphasized the need for more free activities for young people, also mentioning the problems in the functioning of The Centre for Youth Integration in Zrenjanin and soup kitchens.

After the mapping of local security risks, as a part of case study, the participants discussed the key concepts related to the democratic control of the security sector, analysing one of the Serbia’s current biggest problems – the omnipresent possession of small arms and light weapons (SALW), as well as ongoing process of surrendering the weapons and its legalization.

This is the latest in a series of workshops within the project”Youth and Democratic Control of Security Sector”, implemented by the Centre and  supported by the Democratization Department of the OSCE Mission to Serbia. Based on the obtained results of the focus groups and workshops, Centre’s team will produce reports on local youth safety, which will be discussed with MPs, local government officials and other relevant local actors in these three cities.