"Foreign Policy of Serbia - Female Seal"

"Foreign Policy of Serbia - Female Seal" is the name of the today’s conference in the National Assembly. The aim is to draw attention to the growing role of women in positions linked to international relations in the civil service, parliament, public agencies, expert organizations and the media. Director of Public Policy Research Centre Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic will speak on the panel "The role of civil society in the foreign policy of Serbia". It will address the contribution of expert organizations, the role of NGOs in promoting dialogue and communication with foreign policy partners of Serbia, as well as promoting opportunities for NGOs and the media on raising public awareness of the international relations and foreign policy of Serbia. The conference will be opened by Vice President of the National Assembly and President of the Women's Parliamentary Network, speaker Gordana Comic. The organizers are the European movement in Serbia and its Forum for International Relations, Women's Parliamentary Network, Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Women's Platform for Development of Serbia 2014-2020.


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