Social Dialogue without Appropriate Attention in the Exposé of the Prime Minister

Serbia needs more jobs for less-skilled labor force and better designed social dialogue, said Tanja Jakobi, CENTRE's member on the N1 news show. She appeared during a special report which analyzed the exposé of Aleksandar Vucic. 

"The government plans to continue its policy of attracting investors that can employ labor force with lower level of education and skills which represents a positive sign. However, in my opinion the issue is that the PM did not dedicate significant attention to the topic of social dialogue. The social dialogue was literally mentioned only in one sentence in the exposé which is not sufficient, particularly taking in consideration not only events in the Jura company but also in some other companies. Finally, the situation in which labor rights in Serbia are not fully enforced social dialogue should have been more emphasized and elaborated," said Tanja Jakobi, CENTRE's member.