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Training of Trainers in the Field of Work with People with Disabilities Completed

International training of trainers entitled "Let's Speak about Disability: Mobility of Youth Workers'' took place in Igalo, Montenegro, in the period August 10-20, 2016. The training was organized by the Association of Youth with Disablities of Montenegro (AYDM) within the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme. It gathered participants from Albania, Australia, Italy, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Portugal, Romania and Serbia. It aimed at empowerment of young activists and youth workers by transferring knowledge and skills necessary for future trainers, especially in the field of work with people with disabilities. In accordance with CENTRE's commitment to capacity building, Jelena Sapic took part in this program. 

During the training, the participants had an opportunity to broaden their knowledge about disability and acquire more information on legal framework set through UN, EU and national documents, as well as to learn about different approaches and models of disability. Likewise, the participants could learn about personal experiences of people with disabliities and barriers they encounter in everyday life. Although marginlized in the public discourse, the topic of independent life recieved a lot of attention during discussion sessions.

Futhermore, the participants had a unique chance to learn about training design. In particular, they gained insights into ways of defining the goals, methods of conducting trainings, and differences between a trainer and a facilitator. As a final activity, the participants created and conducted their own worksophs on given topics. Besides practical part of the training, the focus was on topics such as social diversity and inclusion, human rights, and best practices of non-formal education.

Marina Vujacic, an AYDM executive director, presented the training outcomes in a morning program of RTCG.