Project: How does Security Sector Reform Affect Human Security in Serbia? Reassessing the impact on LGBT

"Da se zna" Officially Presented

Association Da se zna presented its work and web portal which provides tools to report a case of violence against the LGBT population in Serbia. Dragoslava Barzut and Kristina Kastelec, activists and founders of Da se zna, introduced and explained into detail implemented system and measures for storing the data. Their aim is to create a unique database which will further provide a systemic and structured access to cases of violence against LGBT people in Serbia. The portal does not only contain a form to report the case, but also the guide regarding necessary steps to be taken immediately after the act of violence. 

Da se zna i Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) worked together on a project during which 15 personal stories of LGBT people in Serbia got documented in forms of short videos, texts, and cartoons. Therefore, the presentation was also a good occasion to screen one of them which depicted Dragoslava's story in particular. She spoke up about the attack she had experienced in September last year, but whose perpetrators have not been prosecuted yet.