Project: Inclusion of Roma Women and Men in Security Sector

Training on admission to basic police training for Roma people in the Basic Police Training Centre in Sremska Kamenica

The fist of six trainings for Roma people interested in enrolling in it was held today in the Centre for Basic police training in Sremska Kamenica. The workshops are the part of the project "Inclusion of Roma men and women in the security sector: Towards a more efficient passing the basic police training." Insufficient knowledge of Roma candidates at the entrance examinations is one of the key elements of the poor representation of Roma men and women in the Serbian police forces. It is necessary to increase the transience in order to help the implementation of the Strategy for community policing, strengthen the confidence of the population in the work of the Ministry of Interior,and  security of Roma population, as well as to increase the employment rate of young women and and men of Roma nationality.

Center for Public Policy Research carries out this project as a partner of the Police Association "European Roma police officers", with the support of the Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior.

Trainings, in order to help the orientation of the potential applicants and let them better prepare for the entrance exam in the next cycle will be held in March in Belgrade, Bor, Kraljevo, Pirot and Niš. More than 180 participants enroled, and today 32 students of both sexes participated in the first workshop.

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