Project: Inclusion of Roma Women and Men in Security Sector

Workshop in Bor

At the police headquarters of Bor was held an one-day workshop introduction of trainees, based on the framework of the project "Inclusion of Roma men and women in the security sector of Serbia", and managed by the Police Association European Romani police. The aim of the project is to prepare for the entrance examination, a job of a police officer in the area of the Bor and Zaječar districts, where there were nearly 40 candidates interested in it. 

"I have completed a three-year school for cooks. If I pass the entrance and finish the training, it would be an honor for me, as a Roma, to become a policeman and wearing a Serbian flag on the shoulder", said Ivan Antić from Bor. Last year, among 134 candidates from eight police departments, only two successfully completed a qualifying exam.

"As soon as we found the problems of Roma candidates in the entrance examination, we conducted this project with a visibility view to future candidates, striving to prepare the method for the entrance exam," - said the Independent Inspector, Senior Officers at the Border Police Nenad Tairović.

We're looking for those who are mentally and physically prepared to meet all requirements of police work", said Miroslav Mijailović, the deputy head of the Basic Police Training in Sremska Kamenica. "Interior Ministry paid a special attention to police work with minority, marginalized and socially vulnerable groups to protect their rights, but also when entering the police service" - said Novak Vucinic, Chief of Community Policing Department in the Ministry of Interior.

According to the project, training of Roma candidates for the entrance exam is free of charge. To allow the greater geographical coverage of the project, except in Bor, one-day workshops were held back in Belgrade, Niš, Kraljevo, Novi Sad and Pirot.

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The key objective of the project “Inclusion of Roma men and women in the security sector: Towards a More Passing basic police training" is to increase the representation of the members of the Roma population in the police, in order to strengthen the trust of the population in the work of the Ministry, the security of the population, as well as increasing the level of youth employment Roma women and men.

The project "Inclusion of Roma men and women in the security sector" Center for Public Policy Research conducted as a partner of Police Association "European police Roma". The project is supported by the Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as a part of its program for the advancement of the status of the Roma population in Serbia.

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