LOVE (Law, Order, Values) to migrants/asylum seekers in enjoying rights without discrimination

Asylum Protection Centre, BETA news agency, and Public Policy Research Centre are jointly implementing project LOVE (Law, Order, Values) to migrants/asylum seekers/persons granted asylum in enjoying rights without discrimination originally founded by the EU Civil Society Facility Programme 2015. The main goal of the project is to enable sustainable protection of migrants/asylum seekers/persons granted asylum (MI/AS/PGA) against discrimination in Serbian local communities and society in general in line with EU values/standards.

This will be achieved through a number of projects broadly addressing the provision of direct support to beneficiaries via Regional Migrant/Asylum info centres and building a network of local volunteering groups for facilitating MI/AS/PGA integration. This is to ensure MI/AS/PGA are shielded from discrimination in accessing their rights and services in all administrative/asylum/court procedures and in integration processes. The activities in the domain of legal protection, psychosocial support, interaction/integration support in local communities will secure MI/AS/PGA’s rights and improve their psychological wellbeing to fight and overcome discrimination.

The project will also act in the domain of the improvement of the systemic protection against discrimination of MI/AS/PGA through research, a comprehensive advocacy campaign and strong media coverage. The Center’s focus in this project revolves around research and advocacy activities concerning anti-discrimination national and local policies and practices aimed at ensuring that MI/AS/PGA have access to their rights and are involved in inclusionary processes. Over three years, Center will release a number of policy studies, policy briefs and monitoring reports which will be promoted via different advocacy campaigns and tools. The Centre’s key researchers engaged in this project are Branka Andjelkovic, Maja Kovac, Filip Stojanovic and Milica Skocajic.