Project: Security issues within Serbian 2016 election campaign

Invitation to the presentation of analysis and discussion: Does Serbia have a security policy?

Public Policy Research Centre cordially invites you to join the presentation and discussion:


which will be held on Wednesday, April 27 at 12.00 pm in Media Center, Terazije 3, Belgrade:

  • How political parties approached a wide range of security topics within the 2016 electoral campaign?
  • Whom they addressed to and how much they adhered to their official party programmes?
  • What are the problems of Serbia in the field of security policies and what possible solutions are?


These are the questions that Centre’s team has answered through monitoring of security issues during the electoral campaign and by assessing argumentation given to voters. The team also conducted an analysis of official parties’ programs and sought to identify potential discrepancies between official programs and politicians’ statements.

As a follow-up of lack of coherent argumentation within the coalitions and possible repercussions it may have on the further direction of security policies, including on regional security issues and strategic documents, Public Policy Research Centre represents a policy brief

What is the security policy of Serbia by Jelena Radoman.

It gives the answers on the following: what political actors consider as neutrality, whether such understanding is sufficient to conduct coherent security policy, whether adopted solutions are well grounded in govermental capacities to conduct selected security policy, and what existing cooperation in the field of security policy says about the Serbian foreign policy commitments.


Jelena Radoman

Svetlana Djurdjevic-Lukic

Tanja Jakobi


More information about the Public Policy Research Centre and previous findings is available here.