Project: Inclusion of Roma Women and Men in Security Sector

Workshop in Kraljevo

More than 30 Roma women and men from Kraljevo and surrounding communities were present at the fourth in a raw workshop for those interested in the enrollment in the basic police training.

The key objective of the project “Inclusion of Roma Women and Men in Security Sector: Towards Greater Enrollment to Basic Police Training” is to increase the representation of the members of the Roma population in the police, in order to strengthen the trust of the population in the work of the Ministry, the security of the Romani population, and increase the level of employment of young Roma women and men.

The project leader is the Police Officers Association “European Police Officers of Roma Nationality” which was established nine months ago. The Public Policy Research Centre is the partner of the Police Association on the project. The Office for Human and Minority Rights of the Government of the Republic of Serbia supports the project within its program for improving situation of Roma people in Serbia.

According to the project the training of the Roma candidates for the entrance exam is free of charge. In order to secure wide geographical representation, trainings were organized in Bor, Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad and Pirot.

The workshop was covered by the following media outlets: TV Pink, RTKV, TV Melos i KTV.